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Maldives, a beautiful group of Islands located in the Indian Ocean, situated in the Arabian Sea. Surrounded as "Pearl upon the Ocean" and gives you feel of heaven on earth. Completely eye soothing views takes you to another world. Maldives is a matchless comprised islands nation positioned in the Indian Ocean. This South Asian Island nation has no other equivalent in this entire world in terms of its unique beauty, structure and scenery. The Maldives embraces of 26 natural islands. Maldives is completely eye pleasing for its world famous white sand beaches, corals reefs and crystal-clear waters. There are stations of various sizes between the islands which are being used for navigation. All the islands are surrounded by a lagoon blessed with crystal clear water. The reef structure of Maldives is protective for its housing of the most high-class and stunning underwater life. Maldives culture is derived from various sources out of which the its closest are the shores of Sri Lanka and South India. Its population is indo-aryan from the ancient point of view. The Maldivian people speaks Dhivehi language that is of Indo-Iranian Sanskritic origin and is closely relevant to Sinhala which sense at a later inspiration from the north subcontinent. The main dish of Maldives is fish because the fishing industry of Maldives is one of the largest industry of the country and due to scarcity of farming land very few vegetables are eaten. The Maldivian songs and lyrics are influenced from Hindi tunes & lyrics and the reason is that out of a similar language, similar rhythms and Maldives has its own film industry. Some of the regional and national festivals of Maldives which are being celebrated by the Maldivian people are Ramadan, Kuda Eid, Prophet's Birthday, Eid-ul-Al'h'aa, National Day of Maldives, Independence Day of Maldives, Republic Day of Maldives etc.


Thoddoo Island: - For every fruit lover!

Hulhumale: - Reclaimed Island

Maafushi: - A Tropical Paradise

Villingili: - Simply peaceful

Vaadhoo Island: - For an illuminating experience

Ukulhas: - Clean island

Dhidhdhoo Island: - Ultimate getaway for newly weds

Male Island: - The Capital of Maldives


As the northeast monsoon presides over a wet season that lasts from May to October, it provides a noticeable contrast of the period between November and April when the sun shines for hours each day and the dry season draws holiday makers from across the globe. The temperature often peaks at an average of 30 degrees Celsius, with cooler periods registering an average 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year.


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