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INCREDIBLE INDIA!!!! It is a South Asian country with various territory raging from Himalayas in North to Indian Ocean in south, from the Arabian Sea in the southwest to Bay of Bengal on the southeast. It is one of the biggest democratic country in the world. It is the 2nd largest populated country and 7th largest country in terms of its geographical area. India is a unite country with diversity in languages, religions, culture, food, traditions etc. which empowers its citizens and give liberty to live together under single umbrella. India's culture is one of the richest culture in the world and It has the oldest history of its origin & civilisation. It is a country which believe in equality and treats all the religion with equal importance. There are many Gestures available in India like Namaste & Touching feet of elder ones which shows the way of greeting someone and giving respect to them. In India, people feel very excited and enthusiastic when any guest comes to their home because they consider their guest as equal as "God" comes to their home. There are lot of Indian regional festivals such as Deepawali, Holi, Eid, Buddha Purnima, Christmas, Guru Prav, New Year, Pongal, Lohri, Makar Sakranti, Mahavir Jayanti, Rakshabandhan, Dussehra, which gets celebrated with lot of energy, happiness, enthusiasm and spirit. There are national festivals as well such as Independence Day, Republic Day.


The islands are famous for its serene, white sandy beaches characterized by sparkling blue waters and fun-filled water sports/activities. waters and fun-filled water sports/activities.

Andhra Pradesh is a state bordering India's south eastern coast. Major cultural landmarks include Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple, an ornate hilltop shrine to Hindu's Vishnu, in the southern part of the state. It's visited by tens of millions of pilgrims annually. The major northern port of Visakhapatnam has popular beaches like Ramakrishna and Rishikonda lining the Bay of Bengal, offering spots for swimming and surfing.

Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is one of the most famous buildings in the world, the mausoleum of Shah Jahan's favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It is one of the New Seven Wonders of the world, and one of the three World Heritage Sites in Agra. Agra is commonly identified as the "City of Taj".

It is noted for its tea industry, the spectacular views of Kangchenjunga, the world's third-highest mountain, and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Darjeeling is the headquarters of Darjeeling district which has a partially autonomous status within the state of West Bengal.

Lotus Temple is a Bahai House of Worship and the Mother Temple of the Indian Subcontinent. Laxminarayan Temple is one of the most famous Vaishnavite temples in India. The Akshardham Temple in Delhi is the largest Hindu temple complex in the world. The Jama Masjid is the principle mosque of Old Delhi.

is visited by large numbers of international and domestic tourists each year for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture. It has rich flora and fauna, owing to its location on the Western Ghats range, a biodiversity hotspot.

Home to multitude devotional centres and temples with famous religious centres like Dwarka, Dakor, Ambaji, Palitana, Mahudi, Shankheshwar, Hutheesing Jain Temple, Somnath, Girnar, Shamlaji, Bahucharaji, Pavagadh, Kabirvad, Sun Temple, Modhera, Akshardham (Gandhinagar), Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Ahmedabad and many more.

is famous for its Himalayan landscapes and popular hill-stations. Many outdoor activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, ice-skating, and heli-skiing are popular tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh. Shimla, the state capital, is very popular among tourists.

Laad Bazaar - Also called Chudi Bazaar is on the west of Charminar, and known for its bangles, jewellery and pearls. Hyderabad Pearls - Hyderabad has always been referred to as the "city of pearls" even though it is far away from the sea.

Jammu known as the City of temples is famous for its beautiful temples and Basmati rice. The Vaishno Devi shrine located on the beautiful Trikuta hills is the centre of attraction. It is visited by about 1 crore devotees every year from across the country. Srinagar is the summer capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated in the Kashmir Valley and lies on the banks of the Jhelum River, a tributary of the Indus. The city is famous for its gardens, lakes and houseboats. It is also known for traditional Kashmiri handicrafts and dry fruits.

The down served as the capital of the princely State of Mysore for nearly six centuries with distinguished rulers like Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. The city is also known as the cultural capital of Karnataka and is famous for its various temples, palaces, forts and old churches.

Named as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveller, Kerala is famous especially for its ecotourism initiatives and beautiful backwaters. Its unique culture and traditions, coupled with its varied demography, have made Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Its monasteries: Belonging to the Tibetan Sect of Buddhism, the red hat Buddhist monks have built some of the most pristine monasteries in this harsh landscape that enthral people from the world over. The Tso Moriri lake is probably not as famous as the Pangong Lake but it is still a must places to visit in Leh Ladakh for anyone taking a trip in this region.

Madhya Pradesh (meaning Central Province) is a state in central India. Its capital is Bhopal and other large cities are Indore, Jabalpur and Gwalior. Nicknamed the "heart of India" due to its geographical location in India, Madhya Pradesh is the second-largest state in the country by area.

The state comprises of many well-known destinations from the blur of lights that is Mumbai to the historic city that is Kolhapur. Maharashtra has much to offer travellers, both domestic and foreign.

Rajasthan is famous for majestic forts, Thar Desert and beautifully build temples and havelis and also some place in Rajasthan are famous for lakes like Udaipur. Rajasthan is a royal state and its famous for its royalty.

The place is famous for its various temples, shopping hubs and typical Tamil food items. Coimbatore. The highly industrialized town of Coimbatore is often termed as the 'Manchester of India'. It is the second largest city in terms of area in the State of Tamil Nadu.

It is often referred to as the Devbhumi (literally "Land of the Gods") due to many Hindu temples and pilgrimage centres found throughout the state. Uttarakhand is known for its natural beauty of the Himalayas, the Bhabhar and the Terai.

Uttar Pradesh attracts a large number of both national and international tourists. Taj Mahal, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in Agra is also located in Uttar Pradesh. There are different places one can visit in Uttar Pradesh. Agra, Jhansi, Lucknow and Meerut are historical cities famous for their monuments.


India has three major seasons - winter, summer and the monsoon. Winter months (November-March) are bright and pleasant, with snowfall in the northern hills. Summer time (April-June) is hot in most parts of India, and it is then that the numerous hill resorts provide cool retreat. During the monsoon, rainfall is heavy along the west coast between June and September, and along the East Coast between mid-October and December.


Some of the famous adventurous activities in India are:


Heli Sking

Water sports

Hot Air Ballooning

Mountain Biking





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